Meet The Team

Decades of Experience + Diverse Skill Set

JurisLogic is uniquely situated to offer up well-founded expert opinions that bridge the often-muddy interface between software and the law. Our team specializes in translating challenging technical issues into language that Courts, juries, attorneys and business stakeholders can more easily understand, and from that understanding come to decisions better grounded in technical reality.

Barb Frederiksen

Owner / Director of Litigation Services

Ms. Frederiksen is a renowned expert in the area of forensic software analysis, whose experience is grounded in decades of industry experience and court testimony.

She has served as an expert in a wide variety of intellectual property and data analysis-related matters for a host of law firms and companies across the world, in such areas as patents, copyrights, trade secrets, independent software development projects (“software cleanrooms”), large-scale database analysis, and failed software project analysis.

Combined with her uncompromising technical rigor, Ms. Frederiksen’s ability to translate challenging technical topics into compelling, understandable narratives makes her a formidable addition to software-related proceedings.

Ms. Frederiksen’s current CV is available upon request.

Marc Visnick

Owner / Director of Technical Due Diligence

Mr. Visnick is an experienced forensic software analyst with over 20 years of practical field experience as both a testifying expert in the area of forensic software analysis, in such areas as patents, copyrights, trade secrets and independent software development projects, and as a leading expert in the area of software pedigree analysis.

He has honed his skills not only as an expert in dozens of litigation matters, but also as a lead consultant on hundreds of due diligence-related reviews in a wide variety of settings, including M&A, inbound licensed-in and open source component ingestion, and internal product audits.

Mr. Visnick’s background in software and the law (he is currently a barred attorney in the state of Oregon) affords him a unique vantage point on the often-murky intersection of law and technology.

Mr. Visnick’s current CV is available upon request.

Consultants / Strategic Partnership

JurisLogic contracts with an exceptionally experienced team of independent forensic software analyst consultants. We have found that, by keeping our teams small and nimble, we can maintain the highest level of service and quality for our clients. Where necessary, we engage additional consultants when specialized knowledge or skills are required. Please contact us if you have any questions